Grandma Kollie's ministry

Twenty-five on back porch and 25 on the front porch teaching them the word of God. We were amazed how much they knew and could find bible verses! Monday morning she will be Sis Grandma as we taught kids Jesus name baptism and she wants to be re-baptized in Jesus name. Pastor Kollie is well as us...several children above 12 also will be baptized if they get parents permission. They all prayed for forgiveness and then for Holy Ghost....

Youth Revival-Love in Christ

Around the church LET GOD MOVE! Meet Joshua - He got the Holy Ghost! Little girl - Can’t see and crippled. All I can do is hold her on my lap and pray for her... In Jesus Name Many will be baptized tomorrow 7:00 am including Pastor

Baptism at Needowien

No gas at any stations Bible study 10 Pastors at 12 Houses...10:00-1:00 Meeting 1:30-2:30 Pastor Kollie 4:00ish baptism hard to find water 5:30- when ever church.. Pastor Abraham and Pastor Amoti at Needinwein Christ Rescue Mission Church towards airport

Swallowed in the mud!

Where there was water yesterday there was none today. So we walked through a river channel in the mud which swallowed Elder Bibbs up to where he fell. And great was the fall there of ...thank the Lord two strong man helped him get out. I must admit walking thru mud in sandals thigh deep is challenging... I’m getting ready for duck hunting with Bishop and Pastor Dudley.... Then we took a handmade boat to the other side of the river channel and baptize 16 wonderful souls. Next!!! Gonna be a long day!

Pastor Jeff and Brother Samuel

Pastor Jeff - What a beautiful humble Spirit! Our Interpreter Bro Samuel. He and his wife will be baptized tomorrow. His family fled when the war started back around 1998. The war which demolished Liberia started a half mile from where we stayed. Goat meat time. Yes!!! Addressing 450 students. This is where Pastor Jeff will build church. Beyond are the natural resources left untapped. Rubber Cocoa in the swamp diamonds even gold. If they can organize and use these resources they will have money to build a wonderful church.

God's marvelous works in Ziah!

Pastor Benson helped set up; he is in silver jacket. We will have an interpreter and much questions in a strong Trinity area. Pastor Romeo Chea under 30. We baptized Pastor Romeo after many questions. Second day in Ziah. We will baptize around 23 today. A quick work in the last days...

In the jungle...

Jungle road You can never predict what is around the next bend. Town meets us. I guess we are first missionaries ever in this town. They greet us and we march thru town singing as we go... Church time! Good morning from Ziah!

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