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Faith Tabernacle Hosts Conference

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity!” are the psalmists words spoken by Pastor Nathan Dudley during opening comments adding that unity is the anointing which leads to revival.

Faith Tabernacle of Junction City and Heritage Family Church of Wichita hosted the annual Apostolic Doctrine and Holiness Conference October 25th through 27th. With more than 1,000 in attendance including over 200 young people; revival quickly became the central conference theme.

Following Dudley’s introduction Pastor Don Hyler of Atwater California preached on Rachel weeping for her children and God’s promised hope of revival. The following morning Pastor Brian Jones of Bryan Texas, speaking of Solomon’s wisdom, admonished that the true mother will not allow the child to die. She will not smother revival by neglect nor allow division in the church to prevent it. The baby must live!

Pastor Gary Howard of Tulsa took his text from the seven churches in the book of Revelation to warn the conference against the pressure of being conformed to the expectations of the religious world. The crowds have always followed the easy way. The entrance is straight and narrow with God providing a way for His church to be transformed rather than conformed. Circumstances in the world are setting conditions for revival in those seeking a church that worships in spirit and truth.

Taking his theme from the two natures of fowl mentioned in Genesis chapter eight, Pastor Phillip White of Burbank California offered a wonderfully unique message entitled “Nesting Options.” The dove lends itself to managed care in God’s house wherein its brood is safe. Explosive revival occurs in the managed care of a safe church.

Citing a lack of generational understanding in reference to recent protests against monuments and symbols of the country, Pastor John Burgess of Colorado Springs admonished the congregation to hold up the Bible as a monument of truth. “We must know and hear the testimonies of those behind the symbol if we hope to pass its appreciation to the next generation.”

“Dredge and Drift” was the title used by White when he returned to the pulpit on Friday afternoon. He spoke of a recent visit to the fishing community of Morro Bay where he observed the dredging of the bay to remove the silt and sand brought by the current and coastal rains. Three strong young surfers got caught by the outgoing tide and safely secured themselves to an anchor chain in their struggle. He warned; “There are times when the cares of life require a dredging to clean the channel of our hearts with prayer and fasting. The only thing stronger than the tide is the anchor.”

“Forsake me not when I am old and gray headed,” was David’s emotional plea found in Psalm 71 cited by Howard during the final conference message emphasizing the importance of passing our experiences and legacy to a new generation.

Young people attending the conference dined at Cracker Barrel following Wednesday evening service and Bella’s Italian Restaurant on Thursday evening. A lock-in was held at the City Middle school Friday evening. Riddle Hall at the Westberg Education Complex served as host site for meals served to visiting ministry.

PHOTO (courtesy of Pat Smith, CTM Photography): Pastor Phillip White preaches on “Nesting Options” during the Apostolic Doctrine and Holiness Conference held at Faith Tabernacle on October 25th through 27th.


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