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  • Willie Gardner

Committed to witness

I was at work; I prayed earlier that day for God to send me a hungry soul, not knowing what was going to unfold. It was July the 7th when a young girl of 18, Tiffany Mathis by name, walked in my shop looking for a car. Once I got to know her she begin to open up about her life and what she has been going through. I was appalled at how much the enemy has done to a young person just 18. It reminded me of how I came to God at a young age and how life comes so fast.

I made a commitment to God that every chance I get I want to help someone to be free from this world of sin. I begin to witness about my life and mingle the 5 minute bible study. After completing the study I asked her, “Would you like to experience being Born Again?” Her response was, “Yes.” I told her, let’s pray. I told her she needed to repent and after a season of prayer she wanted to be baptized that day. I called Pastor Dudley and he allowed Bro Stewart to baptize her in the wonderful name of Jesus.


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