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  • Joshua Marion

Shopping for fruit

I was at Walmart one Sunday night after church shopping and I was going down an aisle when I seen a young man I felt impressed to go and invite him to church. So I went up to him and asked him if he would like to come to church and he replied he had been looking for a church. We exchanged names and I ask him if he would like a home bible study; he said he definitely wanted to come to the bible study on Saturday.

So Saturday came and it was him and another soldier that came and we was giving the bible study on the oneness of God and the Plan of Salvation. I felt impressed to ask him if he had ever heard of the story Cornelius. He said no, so Bro. Parrot read it to him and he said, him and Cornelius had some things in common. Before he joined the army he asked God if he is real to lead him to where he's at. And he said, God sent me to invite him to church. At the end of the bible study I asked him if he wanted to pray and he said yes. So we begin to pray and he started repenting and then worshiping. After about an hour he was still at it and Bro Parrot asked him if he spoke in tongues yet. He said no so he encouraged him to keep worshiping and about 10 minutes later he was speaking in tongues.

He came to church again and repented and worshiped and spoke in tongues and got baptized in Jesus name (Sister Jasmine Welch and Brother Javier were also at the bible study).


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