Apostolic Academy Completes 26th year of Operation

Apostolic Academy Completes 26th year of Operation


With the close of the 2015-2016 school year, Apostolic Academy completes its 26th year of operation.

Kindergarten graduation and a student awards assembly marked the completion of another school year for Apostolic Academy.

Teacher Isis Allamby, Kindergarten Graduates: Nevaeh Nash, RaeShaun Steadham, Adalia McClure, Jecenia Contreras

The program, held May 26th, capped a week of activity including historical presentations and reenactments, field day, and a High School graduation and reception honoring graduate Terrence McNutt with Pastor Tony Moody of Cabot Arkansas as the Commencement speaker.

The school and Riddle Hall were recently renamed the Westberg Christian Life and Education Complex in honor of the late Pastor L.E. Westberg and his wife Darlyene who founded the school in 1990.

Apostolic Academy adopted a Bulldog mascot in honor of a popular sermon widely known across the apostolic movement preached by Westberg entitled “Bulldog Faith” wherein he enthusiastically conveys the fierce tenacity of a childhood pet named Penny.

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