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Apostolic Academy Historical Presentations

They battled the Redcoats, were caught during routine morning tasks at Pearl Harbor and peacefully marched from Selma to Montgomery. These are just three of the scenes that unfolded in Riddle Hall Wednesday evening as fifth and sixth grade students from Apostolic Academy showcased research projects initiated last August.

With family and friends in attendance this capstone event was filled with anticipation and excitement as each scene played out. At some climatic point in the short drama the scene would freeze as a key in-character figure emerged and took his / her place at the podium.

The speaker then delighted the audience with a narrative from the perspective of the historical figure and event being portrayed with a question and answer period following.

It was an exceptional method for the students of Elizabeth Wren’s classroom to demonstrate acquired skills.

The project entails students selecting a person or event of interest, finding a minimum of three source materials, creating a minimum of 30 index cards citing facts, writing a research outline and work it through a minimum of two drafts with cited bibliographies before preparing a final research paper and developing a skit.

Students are fully vested in the material and project after spending months preparing for the final event. The enthusiasm and excitement draws in parents, siblings and other students eager to take part.

This popular annual event at Apostolic Academy carries with it fond memories as several former students stood to recall their own project experience for the audience.

PHOTOGRAPH: Apostolic Academy students portray various historical figures during an event held on Wednesday evening at Riddle Hall. Pictured (from right to left): Benjamin Howard; Jo’sya Gomez-Sharp (Dr. Martin Luther King JR); Janiya Backman (Evita Peron of Argentina); Joshua Contreras (Noah Webster); Darrell Taylor (SGT Alvin York); Jaslyn Nash; Eduardo Morgado (George Washington); and, Deontae Tillman. Background—Jermaine Baker.


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