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Apostolic Academy Hosts Important Visitors

“I want to expose students to a broader scope,” is the intent of Doug Sallee, Principal of the Fine Arts & Human Services (FAHS) Academy at Junction City High School.

Sallee’s objective is consistent with FAHS purpose in exploring careers, creating visions, learning outside the classroom and being engaged. His plans included a January 12th visit to Apostolic Academy by FAHS students and faculty.

Visiting students included those who are a part of the FAHS Education Career Cluster with an interest in teaching / education as a profession.

During site visit coordination, Sallee further added that he believed JCHS student interest would be captured by the faith based instruction provided at Apostolic Academy.

Prior to the 1960s our nation commonly used textbooks and reading materials reflecting a high level of morality which helped shape a Christian worldview. Apostolic Academy utilizes a curriculum that retains that intent and includes the moral lessons necessary for Christian character development.

The JCHS entourage received a warm reception with refreshments served during an overview of church school operations with some insights into the creative means of resourcing a private school. Visiting students learned that the donation of time and equipment is critical to sustaining a private school.

FAHS students also spent time in the various Apostolic Academy Kindergarten through high school classrooms observing a mixture of methods for providing instruction. While AA employs a conventional high school experience with students rotating between teachers its Kindergarten through eighth grade include two grade levels per classroom.

JCHS visitors learned how a teacher balances the demands of multiple subjects by rotating instruction and seatwork between grades and employing use of instructional content streamed over the internet to provide and/or enhance learning.

“I was surprised to see how difficult the material was,” commented Da’shawn Battiste, JCHS senior after spending time observing the Kindergarten and first grade classroom.

“And the children are so well behaved,” added JCHS student Makayla Powell.


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